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What Does 95% Vegan Mean?

CarpeVegan is a website that, like me, is trying to foster a new idea of what it means to be vegan (or veganish). One of CV’s more controversial ideas is that we, as vegans, should consider that someone being 95% … Continue reading

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What Do I Call Myself?

Lately I’ve been struggling with what to call myself when it comes to my position/role as a person that advocates for people taking the issues of animal use more seriously. I often have a hard time succinctly articulating (especially to … Continue reading

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I was recently interviewed by Rhys Southan, creator of the anti-vegan website (calling it that doesn’t do it justice) Let Them Eat Meat. The full version of the interview is here, and a shorter version of it is here at … Continue reading

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This is happening…

Okay, it’s more than a year late, but I’m finally starting this blog. I’ve let this domain (which is no doubt highly sought after, what with all the self-proclaimed speciesist vegans out there) sit dormant for far too long. Tonight … Continue reading

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