Abbreviatio n trms

Ha. Yeah, that’s a joke. The full title should be abbreviations and terms.

Rather than junk up every post with explanations of terms, links to definitions and other various explanatory content (not to mention make writing posts more laborious for me), I think it’s just easier to keep a running list of abbreviations, terms, references, allusions, etc. etc. blah bah blah. Also consider adding Apture Highlights to your browser. It’s really helpful and it takes only 30 seconds to download.

*AR = the concept of animal rights, in any of its various forms.

*Francione, Francione Fold = Gary Francione, the (arguably) most prominent practitioner/theorist of the “veganism is the moral baseline” crowd i.e. the abolitionists. In other words, he’s an insufferably serious-minded hardliner that admits no exceptions to the one thing that his entire worldview hinges on: anti-speciesism. If you are of his ilk, there is no worse epithet but speciesist. They will undoubtedly hate this website. Also know as abolitionist vegans.

*happy meat = meat that supposedly comes from “happy” animals. Usually means it’s one or all of the following: free-range, organic, from small farms, grass-fed/pasture-raised, local etc.

*locavores = people who advocate for a diet that consists of more or all local food. Most people find trying to eat all local to be extremely difficult and limiting, so most locavores have varying levels of commitment to the idea. Most are not vegan (although some are vegetarians), due at least in part to the difficulty of finding vegan fats and proteins in many climates.

*NVFF = non-vegan freegan food. Any food can potentially be NVFF. The thing that makes non-vegan food NVFF is 1) you did not pay for it and 2) the food would otherwise go to waste.

*veg*an = vegetarian or vegan. Many vegans are opposed to this word because it dilutes the moral superiority of veganism by making a connection with vegetarians. But it’s a useful shorthand way of referring to a large and various group of people, so I will use it, abolitionist vegans be damned.

*veganish = a pretty ill-defined term that could refer to anyone from someone that is just an occasional omnivore to a full-fledged vegan. CarpeVegan uses “95% vegan” as their definition (but I’m not sure how they are calculating percentages, or percentage of what). I use it as a way to refer to people that treat veganism (or freegan veganism) as an ideal, but who, for various reasons, do not try to be 100% vegan.

*supererogatory = If something is supererogatory, it is something that is above and beyond what is considered to be a moral obligation. In other words, it may be commendable to do something that is supererogatory, but it is not considered inherently immoral NOT to do what is supererogatory.

*welfarist = one who believes in promoting animal welfare more than/instead of promoting animal rights OR sometimes, someone that does believe in animal rights, but still thinks it’s important to improve conditions for animals

your mom = Your mom, a common way to insult someone. If you don’t like it, go tell your mom about it.


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