A Shameless Attempt at More Traffic

If you landed here, chances are that I do have something to say about what you’re looking for. It’s just not on this page. Try looking for what you want by searching my site with Google.

This is a shameless attempt to get more traffic from search engines. My regular readers can ignore this post.


What follows is a list of words and phrases that some people who come to my site have searched for


phrases about immoral
moral vs. immoral
speciesism is not bad
anti vegan
why can’t people understand that i’m vegan
michael pollan speciesism synonym
cheesy bean and rice burrito taco bell vegetarian
seitan beef jerky
vegan fallacies
why speciesism is fine
cheesy bean and rice burrito vegetarian
culture war against vegetarians
flaw veganism plants speciesism pescetarian
vegan speciesist
vegan ethics
why veganism makes no sense
speciesists fallacy
vegan freegan exception
save puppy or baby
vegetarian baby building
vegan tumblr “arbitrary line”
peta seaworld
would you save baby or dog
speciesists fallicy
what is cognitive dissonance vegan
working backwards from conclusion
speciesist vegans
“i am a speciesist”
can you make your seitan without nutritional yeast
word that means poorly defined
seitan nutritional yeast
i dont understand what arbitrary means
freegan meat
bob’s red mill seitan recipe
what does 80 percent vegan mean
define absolutism
what does 75% vegan mean
vegan analogies
vegan rightousness
what is an immoral vegan
vegan righteousness
vegan don’t make exceptions
vegans arbitrary
what does 100% vegan mean
why is vegan food so disgusting
I’m a vegan 364 days a year
logical vegan
why does the thought of eating disgust me
baby or a puppy
moral vs immoral
arbitrary line
i feel bad for not eating something because I’m vegan
interview with vegetarian
slavery vegan
pescetarian hypocrite
what’s an arbitrary line?

vegetarian interview
meat-eating vegetarian interview
vegans make exceptions
what is an unethical vegan
vegan righteousness
speciesist fallacy
speciesism fallacy
culture war against vegans
what does 75% vegan mean
what does 80% vegan mean
what does 85% vegan mean
what does 90% vegan mean
what does 95% vegan mean
what does 100% vegan mean
vegans don’t make exceptions
speciesism pescatarian
speciesism pescitarian
nonvegan dumpstered food

– – thanks for reading – –


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6 Responses to A Shameless Attempt at More Traffic

  1. LiseyDuck says:

    The Grasshopper gets search hits for ‘drunk vegan’ because I posted there on how to avoid the eating-cheese-while-drunk phenomenon that seems to afflict rather a lot of vegans. Not sure that’s what the person was looking for though.

  2. DaveD says:

    Three words: “monkey saves puppy” (also a photo won’t hurt) 🙂


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