This is happening…

Okay, it’s more than a year late, but I’m finally starting this blog. I’ve let this domain (which is no doubt highly sought after, what with all the self-proclaimed speciesist vegans out there) sit dormant for far too long.

Tonight I came across the site CarpeVegan for the first time, and I like a lot of what they’re saying, and I guess it was the thing that finally got me to throw my hat into the ring. I’m not totally sure that I’m on board with the “veganish revolution” idea espoused by the website, but I will say that it is very refreshing to encounter a vegan blog that is advocating for something that is at least kind of new (the concept isn’t exactly new, but the way they’re presenting it is unique) and that actually might prove to be effective. I don’t know how “effective” my blog will be, but I hope to sweet Zeus that it will not prove to be boring. I have opinions on vegan-related topics that I rarely or never see in print.

But I do like it that someone is making a serious attempt to, in a sense, do some PR for vegans. We need it. I am definitely one of those vegans that feels very little kinship with other vegans. Speaking of which, I myself could probably be described as veganish, even though I call myself vegan and probably 99% of my calories come from vegan food (and probably 95%+ of those non-vegan calories come from “freegan” non-vegan food). If you think that this makes me a non-vegan and hence makes my blog name misleading, that’s fine. I never did and still don’t have much interest in any debate that centers on the idea of what a “true” vegan is. But I encourage you to stick around anyway, because I think I’ll have some things to say that will piss you off even more than my (supposedly) ill-fitting name.

Two things that I think need to be addressed for veganism to be more palatable to other people are the following:

1) we vegans that disagree with the proposition that veganism is morally obligatory (as opposed to being a morally laudable, supererogatory choice, which is what I believe) need to become more vocal about this fact. I know I will be. I will eventually do a full (probably agonizingly long) post on this topic as it is one that I feel strongly about and which sets me apart from many, if not most, vegans.

2) we vegans that disagree with the proposition that speciesism is always wrong and indefensible need to become more vocal about this fact as well. I will explain what I mean by this eventually, but for now I just want to give people a chance to add my feed to their feed reader or run for the hills. Things are gonna get fuckin’ real up in here.

– – thanks for reading – –


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