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seitan recipe

I’ve been kinda lazy with posting this week, and I do plan to eventually make recipes a pretty regular part of this site, so here is a great recipe for homemade seitan. If you’re scared of gluten, read this post … Continue reading

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wasting cheesy burritos is not vegan

This post was originally intended to be a simple comment on this post at Let Them Eat Meat, but as it grew and grew, it just made more sense to make a full post out of it. If you don’t … Continue reading

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Michael Pollan Is a Speciesist!

from The Omnivore’s Dilemma: (Pollan is recounting his weird, self-imposed experience of eating a steak while reading Animal Liberation): I put down my fork. If I believe in equality, and equality is based on interests rather than characteristics, then either … Continue reading

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is eating non-vegan freegan food compatible with vegan ethics?

Before I get to the specifics, just let me alleviate your curiosity and answer the question: yes, in my opinion, it is. I know it’s pure sacrilege in most vegan circles to assert that one can eat animal products and … Continue reading

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Lest you, my loyal readers (ha!), get the false impression that I only have bad things to say about veganism, let me share something with you that I often offer up to people as an advantage of being vegan. One … Continue reading

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What’s the mortgage like for a treehouse?

Why is it hard to be a vegan without pissing people off? Just so we understand each other, I’m aware that this gripe can appear to people with real problems as pretty minor, even self-indulgent. Fair enough. In the grand … Continue reading

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the scraped table, or: working backward from a conclusion

In my experience, most omnivores, when they even bother to give any real thought to their diet and alternatives to it (eating less meat, vegetarianism, veganism etc.), start with the conclusion “it’s okay for me to eat animals.”  Then from … Continue reading

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